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Verified Instagram Account Lalehesedigh

Consulting Digital Marketing

Verified Instagram Account Lalehesedigh

Born in Tehran, Laleh Seddigh is the next contender and favorite competitor from Iran to win in the International Autoracing circuits. A PhD student in industrial management and production at Tehran University, Laleh has always loved speed. She has been called “little Schumacher “, and has been recognized as the best female racer in the country. She is trained by former national champion Saeed A’rabian .

Having started driving at the age of 13, with her father by her side, Laleh is not only the best driver in Iran, but she is also the first woman to ever compete with men in the same sport and win. Graceful, stunning, and smart, Laleh is not afraid to push hard for what she loves. Last month, she was granted her International Racing Driving License during the BMW School Series at the Bahrain International Circuit in Manama. This enables the 28-year-old to compete at the international level, where the “little Schumacher”, as she has been nicknamed, can prove to the world what she is capable of.


Web Design, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Social Marketing

  • Date

    December 9, 2019

  • Skills

    Web Design, Digital Marketing, Consulting, Social Marketing

  • Client

    Laleh Sedigh

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